Dear Beloved Teen

A poem for all us parents raising post millennial teens. What doesn’t break you tries again! ❤️

Dear beloved teen,

It’s a storm out there, be careful where you tread. The reptile in us does not take time to prepare.

This space we find ourselves in isn’t always fair. Manifesting it’s way into our thoughts taking us to a place of scattered despair.

There are wholesome moments of joy and laughter but only a few that are sublime; sometimes tucked away between the folds of uneven moral decline.

A youth that is fast fading beneath the weight of impending adulthood. Being drawn in by the waves that come forth from peers you want to please.

I fear that you are sliding through the maternal embrace that can no longer keep hold.

To conceal you from the world that persists with its demands, so bold.

From Mumzi x