Mother and Son: 21 years

Conception was cushioned against a backdrop of collaboration and confusions

Birth, a play on test run parenting with welcomed intrusions

I stumbled and stood through the first year of overwhelming tears and joy

Totally absorbed by the ramblings of a rapidly growing, beautiful boy

Through the tenacity of time with its firm grip, I carried you through many a milestone.

Imprinting precious memories even now that you’re all grown.

When did you become this gallant young man arching over my shadow, so very tall.

It was only yesterday, was it not, when I reached out to catch you trip and fall.

How the two decades have passed me by, it feels like only a moment or two.

But, does it really matter where the time has gone?

For all that is absolute and certain in this moment;

My unconditional love for you. X

Poem by AA

Happy 21st Birthday x