It’s the first day of my sugar free month. What’s it all about? A month to detox, lose weight or raise money for charity….actually I don’t think its any of those things.  I think for me its a time to reflect and give my body the chance to rid itself of the unnecessary toxins I keep pumping into it under the disguise of  ‘a treat’.  I learnt much about it all while my husband was recovering from his illness over the last year.  Its such a rude awakening that what I perceived to be a yummy treat was in fact a slow poison released into my blood stream each time I scoffed that delicious cupcake or the bar of Belgium chocolate! Now, I’m not saying I don’t indulge, hell I do! What I’m saying is that now I’m in charge. No longer do I cave in to cravings and feel like I’m not going to get through without a sugar kick. Now I decide if I want ‘a treat’ in moderation and know there will be no nutritional value in it whatsoever and that’s ok once in a while.  Its all about balance.

How did I get here…? I learnt that sugar was feeding the cancer in my husbands body.  With each helping it was providing a feast for the cancer to thrive on.  This time exactly one year ago he was diagnosed and now just under 12 months on he’s in complete remission.  What did he do….? He stopped feeding the cancer sugar!

I decided to join him in a sugar free detox to keep him company.  I noticed within a few days the sugar cravings stopped, My energy levels increased, I slowly began to lose weight (a stone to be exact!)  which a year on has stayed off even when I occasionally help myself to the odd bit of dark chocolate and cupcake!

Some of the facts about sugar I discovered along the way:

‘Refined’ white sugar provides no nutritional value.

Sugar can cause heart disease, tooth decay and headaches

Sugar can cause depression

Sugar contributes to obesity and diabetes

Sugar can make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen

sugar can cause hormonal imbalance

Sugar can make PMS worse!

Sugar can suppress the immune system.

Sugar feeds cancer cells.

Don’t get me wrong I like chocolate and I like cake but now the difference is balance and being able to make an informed choice about what my body actually deserves and not being controlled by what I’ve been conditioned to crave!



3 thoughts on “No Sugar November

  1. I tried this once. It was so hard. But after reading this I will drastically cut down. The fact your husband had cancer spurs me on and for my family. May Allah keep him well Inshallah. Thank you for this !!!

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    • I’m so pleased you’ve found benefit in my post. I completely understand what you mean it was hard for me but when you really think about the benefits of caring for your body it becomes simple. And I promise you’ll feel amazing once you start! X


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