A pocket full of hope

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Life re-imagined……What would it be….?
I’d spend more time being present with loved ones,
not slipping off my minds turbulent shores.

I’d listen to my inner voice and get to know who I am,
spending less time on endless chores.

I’d notice a lot more of the small miracles and greet them with a smile,
life is just too short.

Even when I’m rushed and think I don’t have time because,
it’s not the experience it’s just a thought.

I’d take a deep breath or two and go to the space,
where I think of nothing but letting in life – everyday.

I’d enrich my soul with the depth of wisdom,
and gift myself more time to pray.

I’d spend more time watching the ripples,
as they rush towards me by the edge of the sea.

I’d really, really, really watch my daughter play and be free.

A short poem by Asma Ahmad

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